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On Wednesday August 25th, Duke filed a motion with the Ohio Power Siting Board to indefinitely postpone the adjudicatory hearing for their Central Corridor Pipeline Extension Project.  

This is not the end of the Central Corridor Pipeline.  We fully expect Duke to continue with its plans to build this high pressure transmission line through densely populated areas.

Duke says they recently learned of an environmental remediation project located in Reading, along the Green Route, that requires further consideration.  At issue appears to be the proximity of the Green Route to EPA Superfund cleanup site known as Pristine, Inc.  

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 Duke Energy is planning to build a large natural gas pipeline right in the middle of our neighborhoods. This is not like the distribution lines under our streets or the lines that bring gas to our homes. This is a high-pressure, high-capacity pipeline that would put thousands of homes at risk from a potential explosion, along with schools, hospitals, day care centers, and places of worship–all to transport far more natural gas through the area than ever before.

NOPE has been leading the charge against Duke’s plans. Since April 2016, we have held multiple Town Hall meetings, conducted door-to-door campaigns, rallied the support of local governments, and poured countless hours into researching Duke’s plans. We have also filed formal intervention against the pipeline with the Ohio Power Siting Board, ensuring that the entire community has a seat at the table.

The result of these efforts has been a major public outcry against the project, and opposition from businesses, schools, and elected officials. As Duke seeks approval from the state, our continuing mission is to educate residents, advocate for the community, and hold Duke accountable for the Central Corridor Gas Pipeline Extension Project.

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