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Duke's High Pressure Pipeline Should Not Be Built Through Densely Populated Communities

Duke’s Central Corridor Pipeline – Unnecessary, Irresponsible, Not for Us

On Friday April 13th, Duke submitted supplemental documents to their application and requested OPSB to resume approval proceedings on expedited timing.  Duke’s filing was followed by motions from attorneys for NOPE and Hamilton County’s Board of Commissioners.

What has changed with Duke’s submissions?

Based upon a preliminary review,  Duke’s supplemental filing appears to be focused on additional details regarding Pristine, Inc’s environmental Superfund site, located along the Green Route (western route, adjacent to I-75).  There were also routing modifications along the Green Route to accommodate requests from businesses and to locate more of the pipeline under roadways.

Here are the things that have NOT CHANGED since Duke put the project on hold last August:

  1. The Central Corridor Pipeline is still a large (20″ diameter) high pressure (500 psi) 13 mile north-south transmission system for natural gas.
  2. The pipeline is still located straight through densely populated communities — near homes,  schools and daycare centers, places of worship, businesses, parks, and places where lots of people congregate.  If a failure were to occur on a pipeline of this size and scale, the results could be catastrophic and devastating.
  3. There are two routes being considered — the Green line (western route, adjacent to I-75) and the Orange line (eastern route, adjacent to I-71).  OPSB preferred the Green line, while Duke recommended the Orange line.  Both routes are still on the table for consideration, throughout the adjudicatory process.
  4. NOPE believes the project is unnecessary, irresponsible and not in the best interest of the communities it is supposed to be serving.
  5. Municipal leaders across 12+ communities continue to oppose Duke’s pipeline on behalf of their communities.  They are part of an inter jurisdictional legal opposition coalition.
  6. Concerned citizens who oppose the pipeline must continue to stay engaged and make their voices heard.

What happens next?

The adjudicatory judge will review Duke’s submission, as well as motions filed by NOPE and other attorneys, to determine what will happen in the coming months.

Thanks to many in the NOPE community who have donated funds, so that we could hire an attorney to protect our interests.  Your continued financial support will be critical in the coming months, as we progress through the legal proceedings.  Please donate if you can!

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About the Central Corridor Pipeline

Duke Energy is planning to build a large natural gas pipeline right in the middle of our neighborhoods. This is not like the distribution lines under our streets or the lines that bring gas to our homes. This is a high-pressure, high-capacity pipeline that would put thousands of homes at risk from a potential explosion, along with schools, hospitals, day care centers, and places of worship–all to transport far more natural gas through the area than ever before.

NOPE has been leading the charge against Duke’s plans. Since April 2016, we have held multiple Town Hall meetings, conducted door-to-door campaigns, rallied the support of local governments, and poured countless hours into researching Duke’s plans. We have also filed formal intervention against the pipeline with the Ohio Power Siting Board, ensuring that the entire community has a seat at the table.

The result of these efforts has been a major public outcry against the project, and opposition from businesses, schools, and elected officials. As Duke seeks approval from the state, our continuing mission is to educate residents, advocate for the community, and hold Duke accountable for the Central Corridor Gas Pipeline Extension Project.

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