Contacting Duke Energy

Duke Energy has set up a special phone number and email address for you to use to learn about the pipeline and discuss concerns.  So far, they have not been particularly responsive or transparent, but maybe if enough people ask questions and demand answers they will respond.

[email protected]

Central Corridor Pipeline HOTLINE – 513-287-2130

There are many things that you could discuss with Duke Energy to express you feelings about the proposed pipeline.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Explain how the pipeline will affect you, personally.  Help them understand the human toll associated with their project.
  • Ask any questions you have to deepen your understanding about the project
  • Express your concern about the pipeline being routed through densely populated residential areas
  • Communicate displeasure with Duke’s lack of transparency about the plans, motivations behind the plans, decision making process, secrecy, etc.
  • Ask about other alternatives for routing and why they were rejected or whether they would be willing to consider revisiting those options
  • Communicate your anger about Duke’s abuse of power through the use of eminent domain

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