Not Junk Mail: Watch for Duke’s Settlement Checks

IMPORTANT! If you live in Hamilton County, look for a plain white 4″ X 6″ piece of mail like the one pictured above.

In the upper left-hand corner, in tiny print, the return addressee is “Williams v. Duke Energy.” Don’t throw this envelope away!  It contains a settlement check from Duke. The people we have spoken with have received checks for roughly $140, although the amount may vary.

Why is Duke issuing checks to customers?

Duke is sending settlement money to customers as a result of the class action lawsuit —  Williams et al vs. Duke Energy Class Action Suit.  In that suit, it was alleged that Duke Energy Ohio violated federal racketeering and antitrust laws, as well as state racketeering and common law claims.   Duke denies these allegations, and maintains that they did not engage in any wrongdoing.  Duke agreed to pay an $81 million settlement.  For more details, see

I received my check.  Now what should I do?

Of course, you can cash the check and spend the money in any way you like.

But in light of Duke’s plan to run a high-pressure natural gas pipeline straight through densely-populated areas, please consider allocating your settlement check to NOPE.

Send Duke a Message…

We do not believe a pipeline of this size and scale belongs in any of our densely populated residential areas.  If an accident were to occur, the consequences could be devastating. NOPE is working to make sure that does not happen!

Your settlement check would not only support our legal efforts but could also send an important message to Duke: Invest in keeping our families and communities safe.

HERE is how you can assign your settlement money from Duke to support the work of NOPECincy