Ohio Gubernatorial Candidates on Duke’s Pipeline

Whom you choose to elect for Ohio Governor could have a significant impact on what happens in the future with Duke’s Central Corridor Pipeline…and any other new intrastate pipelines in the State of Ohio.  That is because the Ohio Governor appoints all of the voting members of the Ohio Power Siting Board.  

Unfortunately, Ohio Gubernatorial candidates Richard Cordray (Dem) and Mike Dewine (Rep) did not respond to NOPE’s request to weigh in on Duke’s Pipeline and pipeline safety regulations.  While we cannot provide specific information about how Cordray or DeWine view Duke’s pipeline, we can give you a pretty good indication about how Duke and the Oil and Gas Industry view Cordray and DeWine

Below are campaign finance information submitted by the candidates to the Ohio Board of Elections.

Note, the Fossil Fuel Industry contributed $16,500 to Richard Corday’s campaign, while investing over $225,000  in Mike DeWine’s campaign. Further, Duke Energy did not contribute to Corday at all, while making a significant contribution to DeWine.  It looks like the Industry and Duke believe that DeWine’s decisions and policies are likely to be more favorable to them than Cordray’s.   

NOPE is a non-partisan organization, so we do not recommend a specific candidate. Voting decisions are complex and generally involve the consideration of multiple factors. 

Considering the Central Corridor Pipeline, if you want the candidate for governor who might be less favorable to the desires of Duke and the Fossil Fuel Industry, Richard Cordray could be the better choice.  Conversely, if you want a governor who might be more responsive to the interests of Duke and the Fossil Fuel Industry,  Mike DeWine could fit the bill.

Below is information from the candidates’ websites.  Regardless of who you decide to elect, be sure to vote!