About NOPE! Cincy

NOPE! Cincy is a grassroots effort to prevent a high pressure natural gas pipeline from being built through our communities.  We believe that a high pressure/high capacity natural gas pipeline does not belong in our backyards…or yours!

NOPE! Cincy is committed to educating and empowering individuals and communities so that they have an opportunity to be heard and affect what happens with this pipeline project.  We are a partnership of concerned individuals, groups and professional and non-profit organizations in Blue Ash, Evendale, Cincinnati, Reading, Golf Manor, Symmes, Sycamore Township, Columbia Township, and beyond.

In March 2016, Duke Energy quietly announced plans to build an unprecedented 12 milelong high-pressure natural gas pipeline through our communities.  This pipeline is part of a massive superhighway being developed for multi-billion dollar international gas and oil companies to move natural gas derived from fracking across the country.

Duke Energy has been hired to build this 20″ in diameter, 500 psi pipeline straight through our neighborhoods, next to our children’s schools and our offices and where we worship.

We do not believe a pipeline of this size belongs in our neighborhoods and communities.  Regardless of the safety precautions Duke employs, the potential for catastrophic and devastating consequences if there is damage (either intentional or unintentional) to one of these pipelines makes us wonder: What are they thinking?

To Duke’s proposed Central Corridor Pipeline Extension, we say:

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