Preferred and Alternate Routes

Duke is required by law to submit two routing options to the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) — a Preferred Route and an Alternate Route.   Both the Preferred Route and Alternate Route are considered to be active options until the matter is settled via the adjudicatory process.

In their application, Duke identified their Preferred Route as the Orange Route, along the eastern corridor of the map, near I-71.  Duke identified the Green Route as their Alternate Route, along the western corridor of the map, near I-75.  (see map below)

On May 21st, OPSB Staff recommended the GREEN Route, rather than the ORANGE Route.  Later, Duke became aware of significant environmental issues on the Green Route, and paused the application process to conduct additional investigation.  Duke filed supplemental documents with OPSB detailing their investigation on April 13, 2018.  

As of April 2018, both the Orange and Green Routes are on the table, although the lead route appears to be the Green Route, along the western corridor, near I-75.

Duke's preferred and alternate routes - click to download

Areas that are located within the “danger zone” of Duke’s Preferred Orange Route include: Blue Ash, Cincinnati, Columbia Twp, Deer Park, Fairfax, Hamilton County, Kenwood, Madeira, Madisonville, Montgomery, Sharonville, Silverton, and Sycamore Twp

Detailed Maps of Orange Preferred Route – (see Orange Route pages 1-9)

Areas that are located within the “danger zone” of Duke’s Alternate Green Route include: Amberley, Blue Ash, Bond Hill, Cincinnati, Evendale, Golf Manor Hamilton County,  Reading, Roselawn, Norwood, Sharonville, 

Detailed Maps of Duke’s GREEN Alternate Route

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