Why We Are Concerned

Pipeline Safety Precautions Are Inadequate

Duke does not have the experience or the skilled workforce necessary for this project and may not be able to “buy” it due to industry labor shortages. Numerous sources, including the 2014 Report by US Office of Inspector General indicate government regulations are insufficient. In addition, the PHMSA, which is responsible for pipeline safety is understaffed and does not provide sufficient oversight.

Duke has not demonstrated a commitment to safety or industry best practices. Duke has been cited by OSHA for not following workplace safety regulations, North Carolina has finded Duke over spilling waste into waterways and Duke has been fined for a gas explosion in Lebannon, OH.

An Accident in a Densely Populated Area Would be Catastrophic

Here is what happened in San Bruno, CA when the same kind of high pressure pipeline failed. Accidents large and small happen all of the time, however most occur in rural areas. The danger zone around a pipeline of this size and pressure is at least 1/3 mile. The heat from a high-pressure pipeline blast is immediate and intense. People who are within 1/3 mile of the pipeline are at risk of being burned from radiant heat.

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