Insufficient Pipeline Safety

We do not believe Duke Energy has taken sufficient safety measures in evaluating this pipeline, especially considering the location of the pipeline in such a highly-populated area. Additionally, Duke Energy and the natural gas industry do not have a reassuring safety record of operating these kinds of pipelines.

Experts Agree

“The regulatory division between making sure a pipeline itself is safe and safely locating that pipeline leaves many troubling holes.
Clearly the pipeline safety regulations aren’t adequate in this area and the siting regulations aren’t adequate,” Kuprewicz said. “It’s a bad combination.”
-Richard Kuprewicz, president of the engineering consulting company Accufacts Inc. and an adviser to PHMSA. Inside Climate News

PHMSA’s State Pipeline Safety Program Lacks Effective Management and Oversight
– 2014 Report by US Office of Inspector General

Limited Resources Leave Inspections to Industry – ProPublica

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