DANGER ZONE Interactive Mapping Tool

Want to know if you or your loved ones could be in the danger zone*?

Use NOPE’s interactive mapping tool to find out if your home (or the places where you and your family spend time each day) are vulnerable to the potential perils of Duke’s pipeline.

Enter a specific address in the box below.

According to data from the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness, you should be at least 1,000 feet from a 20″/500 psi pipeline at the time of a serious failure.  

*About the Danger Zone – Pressurized natural gas is flammable and highly combustible.  A high pressure natural gas pipeline failure can result in severe injuries, property damage and loss of life.  Injuries can be caused by the blast itself, as well as fire and intensive heat from a natural gas explosion.  Specific types of injuries include:

  • Blast wave injuries caused by high pressure shock wave from explosion.  Examples include inner ear damage, eye rupture, lung or abdominal perforation
  • Flying debris injuries – “shrapnel like injuries” caused by flying debris penetrating the skin
  • Impact injuries including fractures, concussions and other blunt force trauma injuries
  • Minor, disfiguring or deadly burns caused by fire or intense heat radiating from the pipeline explosion.  

How far are the places you and your family frequent from Duke’s pipeline?  Fill in the address of in the box above to find out.