Ohio Natural Gas Pipeline Regulations

Pipeline Regulation Agencies

PUCO Safety Information – Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is primary regulating body of intrastate natural gas pipelines

Ohio Power Siting Board Pipeline Approval Process – OBSB, part of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Ohio Power Siting Board FAQ’s – Information specific to natural gas pipelines and their regulations in Ohio

Pipeline Regulation Laws

Ohio Code 4901:1-16 Gas Pipeline Safety

Ohio Code 4905:90-99 Public Utilities Commission – Natural Gas Pipelines

Ohio Code 4906:1-99 Ohio Power Siting

OPSB Case Documents #14-1717-GA-BLN – All OPSB case documents related to natural gas pipeline located in Lorain, OH that may be similar to Central Corridor Pipeline

OPSB Post Hearing Brief #14-1717-GA-BLN – Similar pipeline in Lorain, OH

Ohio Property Trespassing Law re: Public Utilities – 

Section 163.03 of the Ohio Revised Code permits an Ohio agency (i.e., PUCO/OPSB) the right to enter private property. This right allows the agency to make surveys, appraisals, etc for the purpose of exercising the power of eminent domain (or, in Ohio it is called the right of Appropriation). That section also provides that entry shall not constitute a trespass. The agency must give timely notice to the property owner before entry occurs. In our case, it is Duke who may want to cross our property lines BEFORE PUCO/OPSB files the appropriation petition—so, in that case, it is unclear whether we can preclude Duke (not a state Agency) from crossing our property lines to make surveys, etc. I would say the statute doesn’t apply and that Duke can be precluded from crossing our property lines. In other words, Duke would be trespassing and we should be lawfully allowed to prohibit Duke. 

Senate Bill 315 – Federal law regarding pipelines

Tougher Gas Pipeline Safety Fines Languish in Ohio Legislature

OPSB Annual Reports

OPSB Annual Report 2014

OPSB Annual Report 2013 – note filing in Trumbell County

OPSB Annual Report 2012

OPSB Annual Report 2011

OPSB Annual Report 2010

OHIO EPA Regulations

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