Get Involved

The gas industry is feeling the pressure from “Entrenched Environmentalists” and “Noisy Opposition”.  Eighty percent of gas companies say this is the biggest barrier to constructing new pipelines. – 2015 Natural Gas Industry Report

Take a Stand.  Speak Up.  Be Heard!

Duke Energy is a powerful multi-billion dollar company.  They do not have your best interest at heart and are not willing to invest time and money in making this pipeline safe.  Otherwise. they would not even consider building this pipeline in through densely populated residential areas. It is never done and “simply unfathomable”, according to an industry expert.

Here’s what you can do to stop this pipeline:

Contact Key Stakeholders

Our local politicians, Duke Energy, and the officials responsible for evaluating this pipeline have to know we are opposed to Duke Energy building this potentially dangerous pipeline in a densely populated, residential area.

Donate online or via check

Support NOPE!

Or send check made out to: NOPE – Neighbors Opposing Pipeline Extension, LLC.  Checks may be sent to: NOPE c/o Glenn Rosen 9228 Bluewing Ter. Blue Ash, OH  45236

Get a Yard Sign

Show your neighbors you oppose the pipeline, many may not even know about the pipeline or are not aware that it is planned to be built in their community.

Spread the Word

Talk to your neighbors.  Share information on Facebook (and Like NOPE! Cincy)  Ask others to stand up with you against this potentially dangerous pipeline being built through our communities.

Be Loud

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Begin by contacting the key stakeholders and then write letters and call them. Get others to help you by involving community organizations, school organizations, religious groups, and businesses.  Look at the maps of the Danger Zone around the pipeline routes. Many people will be surprised at how close they actually are to the 1/3 mile evacuation zone.

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